Germinate Ninja

Game Description:

Germinate Ninja are two ninja twins who are ready to impress you with their skills and aptitudes when it comes to this special ninja challenge so let's get to the work and help them accomplish their missions successfully. First of all, you have to know what do you have to do. These special ninjas, being some twins, can move only in the same direction, at the same time so using the arrows will be necessary from controlling both of them at the same time. The action from this game will be in the middle of a special germinate ninja dojo, and you have to unlock each of the levels from this game, by collecting the stars from the squares from the floor and then the keys, of course. There will be a couple of stars squares and two keys and you have to get with both ninjas on the floor squares where will be the keys at the same time so for this, you have to make sure that you will make the right distance between them. Use your intelligence and logical thinking in order to make them get further or closer to each other even if they move at the same time, the same distance and collect the stars and the keys from this special logic game. Put one of them next to a box and go in the opposite direction and this way only one of them will move.

How to play:

Use arrow key to move.

Tags: Ninja Game, Ninja Games, Ninja Games Online

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