Ninja Delivery

Game Description:

Ninja Delivery is exciting and fun game on You can play Ninja Delivery in your browser for free. In this game, you must show off your sleek and smooth ninja skills to get to the house with yellow lanterns. The first scene is easy, but the rest require critical thinking and a fast hand. If you mess up a scene, you get infinite chances to redo and get it right. You must click some things in order. Others don't have a pattern, and simply require you to click them to unlock the scene. The idea is to set things up so the ninja can get to the other side. Some scenes start and end quickly, such as getting stuck in quicksand, or cave spikes falling down on you. You must scan the scene quickly and click on the objects in the way, to figure out what to do before failing. Can you deliver the package to the house with yellow lanterns in time? Enjoy!

How to play:

Use the mouse to point and click objects in the game.

Tags: Ninja Game, Ninja Games, Ninja Games Online

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