Ninja Go – The Final Fight

Game Description:

Ninja Go – The Final Fight is an other game on You can play Ninja Go – The Final Fight in your browser for free. For those of you who love to play with Lego toys, here is a mini Ninja Go game to enjoy and escape the boring moments. It’s a continous battle that need to resist to because your enemies will attack you from all corners. You will have to keep an eye both on the life bar as well as on the stamina bar because every time you make a jump or perform an attack your stamina decreases and if you get to 0 then you die. So play carefully and collect all the sword guards that falls from the sky in order to refill stamina. Enjoy game!

How to play:

Arrow keys to move around. A - attack; S - jump.

Tags: Ninjago Game, Ninjago Games, Ninjago Games Online

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