Ninja Otoshi

Game Description:

Ninja Otoshi is a Fighting game on You can play Ninja Otoshi in your browser for free. Get rid of all enemy bombs in this awesome NINJA OTOSHI board puzzle game. Just command your masked ninjas over the occupied ground to targets you want to destroy. Please note the directions master Otoshi's ninjas can hack and slash through. Try to cause the maximum of elimination in each move by creating explosive chain reactions.

How to play:

Each Level you have ninja warriors on the right sile. Deploy them using drag and drop. Once deployed the ninja will slash in the direction of his red arrow! Use this method to destroy bombs. Most levels have too many bombs. Not to worry. Some bombs have one or more blue barrels that can cause A Chain Reaction. Other levels may have light orbs. Slicing on orb will move it in the ninja's direction. Orbs move in a straight line vaporizing bombs. (no more chain reaction) When chain turret bombs explode into an orb it will move as well. Light orbs cancel each other out.

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