Ninja Turtles Typing

Game Description:

Ninja Turtles Typing is an other game on You can play Ninja Turtles Typing in your browser and your mobile for free. This is a game where you need agility, where you have to prove that you can write quickly from the keyboard. From the top of the screen are coming some letters and you have to press them from the keyboard quickly to get points. A big score can take you on the podium where are only the best players in the world. Be fast and I think you can get a lot of points in this exciting game with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As the time passes there will be more and more letters that are going to come and it will be more difficult to type them all. If you miss a letter you will lose points and this is not good for your final score. When you complete all the levels if you have a big score you can reach the top of the best players and if you don't make it you can start the game from the beginning. Enjoy game!

How to play:

Use keyboard to play.

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