Ninja Vs Pirates TD 2

Game Description:

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This is a very powerful group of ninja organization, their orders from the king of this country, and now the country is subjected to a group of very scary monster attacks, you will lead the Ninja organizations to protect the security of countries and people. This is a very fun defense type game, you quickly join it. Click on the Ninjas in the panel to select the type of tower to build. Hovering over them will tell you what each one does. Note that the poison ninja does extra damage to fliers. You will want plenty of those. Ninjas come out where sets of arrows are pointing and make their way towards the house/ship/boat. Obstacles like rocks and rivers can be used to your advantage of disadvantage. Stop all Pirates, before they reach the main. The continous wave button and the next wave button allow you to speed up the game. It's in your best interest to use all ninjas available as each of them serves a specific function.

How to play:

Use the mouse to operate.

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