Unfair Ninja

Game Description:

Do you know Unfair Ninja tells you the awesome and so cool life story of one of the most incredible adventurer in the whole world, this special and so cool ninja, who doesn't have the best luck in the world. He trains daily in order to be the best and to conquer all the challenges and to get down all the barriers and things which could face him but the life is so unfair with him, because it puts him in danger all the time. This game is the real proof so you have to help this ninja get through this forest right now and collect all the keys, unlocking the mysteries but there will appear a lot of dangers from nowhere in your face! For example, you will never know when there will raise from the floor some sharp spikes which will kill you or you will never know when the platform will fall with you or when some hard and heavy rocks will fall right in your head, killing you too. So the most awesome thing in this game and the most awful for this ninja is that all the things are unexpected. Good luck for the last time and do not waste your time, trying to fail and die as few time as it is possible.

How to play:

Use arrow key to move and jump.

Tags: Ninja Game, Ninja Games, Ninja Games Online

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